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Dreams really do come true, and 2021 is no exception.

As you may or may not have noticed, our social/communication has been limited, and it’s not out of disinterest but lack of resources and time.

The long and short of it is that when #COVID hit in #2020, we lost 50% of our production support due to new safety measures and industrywide/social restrictions. At the same time, we experienced a 50% increase in new business.

To say the least, we’ve been busy and making do with what we got.

In January 2021, SCC was approached by ClickSpace, and they launched a brand new eCommerce platform that provides solutions to small, medium and large companies to scale their business in a supportive and collaborative environment that is designed exclusively for e-commerce entrepreneurs.

ClickSpaceMTL expressed their interest in our studio and how they would like us to work together in the same building up on Chabanel corner Saint Laurent, in Montreal’s #FashionDistrict.

Upon learning the goals and objectives to provide professional and affordable solutions to e-commerce #entrepreneurs first here in Montreal, and then eventually setting up in other metropolitan cities such as but not limited to #Toronto, #Vancouver and so forth.

Our goals were one and the same: to fuel the Quebec/Canadian economy; while giving back to the community by charitable means (another post on that to come at a later date.

They asked what we wanted; our only request was that ClickSpaceMTL spearheads the design and building of our dream studio.

Over the next ten months, we collaborated with IDX Design and ClickSpaceMTL, and to their credit, they produced our dream studio precisely as we envisioned.

One Last Look At Studio 255 & 253

The moment the 5D manifested in the 3D

The first time, Cody Caissie, Founder of Studio Cody Caissie walked through their dream studio.

Plans began in January 2021 i.e. zoom calls, 3D renderings, designing, approving, etc.

On September 30th, the 5D became a reality on the 3D; it was an emotional experience that Cody will never forget.

Here are some #FunFacts about the new photography/videography space, which is located at: 

Studio Cody Caissie

9320 Boul Saint Laurent

Suite #202

Montreal, Quebec

H2N 1N7


It’s also good to know…

• We’re located in the #1 Chabanel Ouest building, corner of Chabanel/Saint Laurent.

• The street entrance is on Saint Laurent, i.e. 9320

• We’re located on the second floor in Suite 202

• We have 4200sq ft w/ additional space to grow into.

• A reception/waiting area

• A Samples IN/OUT Take area

• Sample Storge + Prep Areas + Styling Areas 

• Two closed offices (Management)

• A Lounge Area

• Six production stations/studios (2 On-Model Studios | 2 Table-Top Studios | 2 Lifestyle Studios)

• Multiple Retouching Stations (Photo & Video Post Editing Production

• A walk-in Self-Help/Do It Yourself area for ClickSpace members only (in development)

• + Access to all of ClickSpace’s shared amenities.

We’re super excited to get set up in the coming weeks as we have a lot of new projects to deliver, goals to meet, missions and milestones to accomplish as we are resetting the entire foundation/framework of Studio Cody Caissie over the coming months.

It’s time to start giving back to the community at large by getting more involved in charitable organizations, workshops/webinars/events, scholarships and more. We’ll be expanding on this in the new year, 2022.

Please enjoy this fun lipsync performance by the Founder and Director of Production, Cody Caissie – PURE IMAGINATION.

But before that, a big thank you & 5-Star rating goes out to the moving companies Montreal Small Moves & Move Mate.

Thank you to the incredible SCC Team Cindy Huard-Lauzon & Shivangi Sharma for all their help.

Also, thank you to our freelancers, vendors and clients for being so patient and understanding with us as we navigated these unknown waters.

Last but not least, THANK YOU, IDX Design and ClickSpaceMTL, for making dreams come true.

Onward and up! Around and Inside!

The Great Move of Studio 255 to 253
Video 1 of 2
August 6th, 2021

The Great Move of Studio 253 to 202
Video 2 of 2
November 8th, 2021

Sneak Peek of New Studio 202 + Lip Sync

A Simple Walk Through of Studio 202

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