Hero Shots

Starting at $50 per photo for your Amazon Store, Website, Packaging and much more.

Minimum order: What minimum order? There isn’t one.

Hero Shots

What is a hero shot? I’ve got the answer for you. Hero Shots are a premium quality image which includes everything in our main product photography service but with an increase in higher resolution i.e. from 2000px by 2000px with 72ppi vs 5000px by 5000px with 300ppi as well as advanced additional retouching, and transparent PNG / TIFF files.

How much larger are the images exactly? Shooting at 24 megapixels, each CR2 RAW file comes out the camera at 6000 × 4000 pixels (before cropping). This adds up to 4x the increase in image size over our main standardized photos for maximum possible clarity. Final prints sizes range from up to 20″ x 16″ right up 60″x40″ at 300 DPI.

What kind of advanced additional retouching? More times than you would expect, samples that come to the studio have minor defects not truly representative of the final product the customer would receive in the end. Our Hero Shots service takes it to the next level by going outside the boundaries of our main product photography retouching by correcting the flaws of manufacturing errors such as missing labels, damaged seams, colour ways, damaged packaging, and much more.

Includes transparent PNG / TIFF files. All Hero Shots come included with the transparent files delivered in either PNG or TIFF format so the end user can easy incorporation the image into graphics, designs and other multi media formats.

When is it a good idea to order hero shots vs the main product photography service? It’s recommended to order Hero Shots when a client has an Amazon listing / store because the primary image in your listing is critically reviews by Amazon themselves and your potential customer. It’s also recommend to order Hero Shots when an image needs to be extensively retouched for high resolution such as printing in magazines, ads or when it will be used packaging.

$50 per photo, flat rate

Hero shots that become Group shots i.e have more than 2 pieces will be subject to a surcharge of $10 per extra item.

Looking to save even more money? This service is also offered as part of our Amazon Bundles.

Hero Shots
Hero Shots
Hero Shots
Hero Shots
Hero Shots
Hero Shots
Hero Shots
Hero Shots
Hero Shots

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Hero Shot

Pay as you go
$50 Per Photo

no minimum order criteria. Order 1 or 10 or 24….it’s up to you.

As soon as you approach 25 Hero Shots, we suggest you look at our membership plans.


  • • Access to our 3+ Studio locations

  • • Professional Photographer

  • • Professional Top level Post Production Editing

  • • High Res Transparencies files = PNG / TIFF Files (5000px by 5000px w/ 300ppi)

  • • Online Delivery Within 10 Business Days

    *we can deliver sooner. Please see our express fees if you’re in a rush.

  • • Unlimited Web Usage

Hang on, there is more included in the price.

Let us put your mind at ease and confirm with you where there is no additional change for:

  • No additional charge for large products. It doesn’t matter if it’s diamond or a car…we’ll photograph it at the same price.

  • No additional charge for products with reflective or metallic surfaces.

  • No additional charge for cosmetics or jewelry.

  • No additional charge for apparel on model or off model.

  • No additional charge for black backgrounds compared to white.

  • No additional charge for illuminated products such as lit lamps or LED displays.

Photo specifications

What we will deliver to you at this price:

  • High resolution PNG / TIFF File at 5000px x 5000px (after crop) with 300ppi.
  • White background (RGB 255,255,255) with or without shadow /reflection – to be approved before delivery.
  • Photoshop editing to remove unwanted articles such as dust, strings, scratches, and other minor defects.
  • Product preparation to include unpacking and steaming / ironing garments, cleaning jewelry, stuffing bags, cleaning smudges, and minor assembly.
  • Instant online proofing and delivery + free file storage.
  • Royalty-free unlimited use license.

To book our studio or if you have questions, please fill out the form below and Cody will be in touch with you personally within 24 hours or less.

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